Rebuttal: Evolution: Natural Selection or Divine Choice?

Is the process of evolution guided by a divine force or is it simply a natural process? The article “Evolution: Natural Selection or Divine Choice?” published on the Muslim Times argues that the Guided Evolution perspective, which aligns with the Islamic perspective, is the most scientifically and philosophically sound explanation for the origin of life on Earth. But is this really the case? Read on to find out more about the scientific errors and logical fallacies present in this article and discover the true nature of the evolutionary process.

Is Islam True? Key Takeaways from the Debate between Matt Dillahunty and Nadir Ahmed

In the recent debate “Is Islam True: Matt Dillahunty vs Nadir Ahmed,” both debaters presented their arguments for and against the truth of Islam. Nadir Ahmed argued that the scientific miracles of the Quran, the benefits Islam has provided to humanity, and the rehabilitative power of Islam in addressing societal issues all point to its truth. On the other hand, Matt Dillahunty argued that the lack of empirical evidence for the claims made by Islam and the inconsistencies within Islamic scripture undermine its truth. The controversy surrounding Nadir Ahmed’s comments on child marriage highlighted the importance of human rights and the need to address problematic aspects of religions.